Multi-platform bus tracker for the students of BCA.

iOS & iPadOSNode.jsSwiftTypeScriptWeb

Built for the students of the Bergen County Academies, YourBCABus is a multi-platform app that tracks when and where the buses arrive. Maintained by a dedicated team of BCA students, there are several versions available:

YourBCABus offers many improvements over the previous standard for BCA bus tracking apps, MyBCABus. In particular, it offers:

  • Notifications
  • Dynamic service change alerts
  • Departure times
  • Stop data (on select buses)

Within the team, I specialize in iOS, web, and backend development, using technologies ranging from Node.js and React to Swift and MongoDB. Together, we’re making it easier for teachers and students alike to track and find their buses.

If you’re a BCA student, download YourBCABus today and join the rest of the student body.