Hackathons, research fairs, peer review. All made easy, in one place.

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Let’s face it: managing research fairs, hackathons, or anything where you need some sort of peer feedback is hard. That’s where Expodite comes in.

Expodite is a platform that takes care of everything, like:

  • Onboarding judges and participants
  • Collecting project information
  • Scheduling judges and projects (even automatically!)
  • Collecting judge feedback

In other words, all of the hard parts.

Did we mention it’s customizable, with features like role-based access control?

Originally a CS capstone project for the BCA research department and inspired by csfvs, Expodite is still being actively developed by a team of three: Alexandra Volkova, Edward Feng, and yours truly. Check back soon for more news!

Additional thanks to:
Mrs. Stott – advisor
Mr. Isecke, Mr. Wang, Mr. Respass – cs teachers
Galadriel Cho ‘23 – logo design
George (Cam) Welch Morgan ‘25 – video narrator
Erez Israeli Miller ‘22 – video footage
Michael Kasprzak ‘22 – video footage

Everyone else whom we may not have mentioned