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Hello there! I'm tech hobbyist anli5005 (Anthony), and this is my home on the cloud. I like to do programming. Please don't forget to check out my projects! Thanks for dropping by!

About anli5005

Who am I? Find out here.

Hi! I'm Anthony, also known as anli5005. I'm a tech hobbyist, so I like fiddling around with technology. Here, in my website, I have some stuff I'd like to share. Have fun looking around!

My favorite programming languages include Swift, HTML (and other related languages such as CSS), and Lua. I often use Xcode, and sometimes I like to do ComputerCraft. It's a fun thing.

Programming Websites

Here is a list of the websites I use:

More to follow.

anli5005's Projects

The home of several projects I made.

  1. Scratch Projects: My home on Scratch!
  2. The code for this website on Github.

Hey there!

Welcome to my old website!

I haven't updated this site in a while, but I have a new, better website at, with a blog, some newer projects, and more to come.

See you there, and enjoy!

This website will remain online, but it won't be updated anymore.

Go to my new website